Thank you for your interest in my work!
My artist name is Bridgette Bad and I have been making OOAK One Of A Kind sculptures since late 2009. Prior to that, I worked in various art fields as a multimedia designer. Born in Odessa, Ukraine my family moved to New York City when I was 12. Having spent a great deal of my childhood making clothes for various dolls, my interest progressed to drawing of human form and fashion. I did well in school but I hated every minute of it! My focus was always shifted towards art, fantasy, and soul-searching. Throughout teen years I started making hats and costumes as a form of self-expression, as well as taken a big interest in photography, which later lead me to working at New York City clubs as a host and a photographer. Soon after, I learned the process of sound/video production and got a degree in multimedia design, which incorporated web&graphic design (you can view my portfolio at But it still felt like something was missing. I had the need to express my ideas on a more 3-dimensional level. Having experienced many other forms of art, I must say that sculpting suites me best, since it incorporates many skills into one and makes the end result feel that much greater. I'm a self-taught sculptor and worked my way up through trial and error. All of my dolls/sculptures are One Of A Kind (O.O.A.K.-meaning only one of each made with no reproduction). O.O.A.K. is mostly for adult collectors, they're not children's toys but rather a serious work of art with precise detail meant for display purposes. If you're not familiar with O.O.A.K., you can use the online resources to get more information about it and its process. I hope that this is just the beginning...or the end really, meaning that I have finally found the most precise way of expressing my dreams and ideas. Perhaps there are other roads that my lay ahead, but what kind of artist would I be without taking risks?...for
"Art is an Accident!" -B.Bad